Our church began in the home of our founding Pastor. Pastor Kenneth Stevens on July 18th, Hutchinson, Ks 67501 1971 at 122 W. 9th. Attending this initial service were Pastor Stevens, his wife and their 3 children. The churches first Charter Members were Rev Kenneth, Oweetah Stevens, Onie Cooper, Don and Lynn Frazier, Henry and Evelyn Belden and Johnny and Cathy Scott.


Feb 4th, 1973 the church purchased it’s first property located at 529 E. 8Th, Hutchinson, Ks 67501


First Baptisms were Ron and Fran Baldwin and Larry Barkman on May 27th 1973.




The first marriage performed in the church was done by Rev Stevens in joining Kathleen Cooper and Daryl Miller.


The first change of Pastors was in May of 1987 with the departure of Rev Kenneth Stevens who went on to plant and build a church in Oklahoma


Consecutive Pastors were:


Rev. Bernard Roberts May 1987 - Jan 1992

Rev. James Barlow Jan 1992 – Jul 1993

Rev. Bruce Thurman Jan 1994 – Oct 1996

Rev. Larry Collins Oct 1996 – Nov 2001

Rev. Mike Jobe Aug 2002 – Present


In August of 2001 we purchased the location where our church is now located at 735 E 5th, Hutchinson, Ks 67501