Come serve your neighbors, community, and God.

At Living Hope FWB Church we believe that love is not just a feeling but an action! We strive to show our faith through the love we put into our community efforts. If you're interested in volunteering, or would like to know more, contact us HERE.



Persons Affected by Addiction Therapy 


P.A.A.T. is a group for those that have been affected by addiction or overdose. 

Started in honor of a local life that was lost too soon, we hope to bring comfort, healing and education to each other and our community.

Our meetings are open to anyone. We meet the second Tuesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall. 

Due to COVID we do require masks. 

Refreshments are provided. 

Contact us for more information



Many studies have shown a direct link between income and access to healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Partnering with our local NAACP Youth we help to bridge that gap and educate our youth at the same time! Local Youth and Church members are responsible for growing, harvesting and dispersing foods grown right here!



Everyone loves a good movie, and we're no different. That's why we host Family Movie Nights! Be on the lookout for upcoming Drive-Inn Movie Nights!

Drive-in Theater

Resources Inspiring Self Empowerment

COVID, Overdose, Suicide and Depression have hit our community hard. RISE is a partnership with the Hutchinson NAACP Youth and NAACP Religious Affairs to bring about hope, healing and education on the topic of Mental Health. Join us as we learn coping tools, and how we can identify and have a positively impact those suffering from a mental health crisis.

Our group leaders are Santalena Caudillo who is a Certified Safe Conversations Facilitator and Self Development Coach, and Alexia Jobe who will share and contribute from her own perspective, struggles and coping mechanisms for battling self-worth.

Please come out to join us if you or someone you love has struggled with Mental Health, or if you just would like to learn more about what you can do and resources that are available in our community.