Curious What Service is Like?

Listen to one of services below to know what to expect when you get here! 

We know it can be awkward for first time visitors, and that you have questions, hopefully we can answer some of those questions for you below:

-Where do I go in at?  Enter in through either set of Double Doors on the front or back of the building. (Most people park in the back parking lot and enter through those double doors)

-Where should I sit? - Pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable. We have no reserved seating, and no "off-limits" seating. So, come in, find a spot and make yourself at home!

-Will I like the music and preaching style? Check out some of our videos below and listen in to some of our recent services and see!

-What COVID precautions are taken? Unfortunately, COVID has become a reality for all of us. We have masks, gloves and hand sanitizer is available upon entry and we are observing social distancing recommendations.

-What do my kids do? We want to create an environment that is comfortable for you and your littles. We have a complete Junior Church experience for kids ages 2-10. However, they are also welcome to stay with the adults in worship service if that is your preference. 

-Any other questions not addressed here? Feel free to contact us and get the answer! Call or text at 620-474-0823

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Looking For Previous Services?

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At Living Hope we have a loving congregation, that is warm and welcoming. We are a blended group of christians that are proud to call each other family, and would love to have you join us.



We believe worship service is the fundamental base for Christians. Hebrews 10:25 tells us not to forsake the assembly of believers.

Our worship services are a wonderful blend of contemporary and traditional.

Our Pastors sermons are scripture based, and relevent to our lives today. Enabeling us to better activate the Word of God into our lives.

Bible Study


Just as worship service is the basis for assembling and fellowship. Bible Study is essential for christian growth.

Wednesday Night Bible study is where we gain even deeper understanding of what the Word is saying to us.

We delve into customs, and history of the times to gain a deeper understanding and insight.

​​The youth are our future and next generation, as such extra emphasis is given to encouraging, engaging and teaching our youth.

We have Jr Church during adult services with games, activities, lessons and crafts to help them to understand and engage the Word of God.


Be sure to check our Events page for more activities!