Where is Jesus in COVID

Updated: Jan 6

Worldwide sickness and deaths…

Loss of income and employment…

Families suffering…

At this point in 2020 we’ve all seen and felt the effects of COVID in our daily lives and in our families, and churches. Unemployment has risen, families struggle to pay bills that were tight before this pandemic. Church services are all but empty on Sunday mornings.

So, where is Jesus in all of this?

With all the negative, how do we find the good? Well, we look. Around us.

All the things that are keeping us away from our families and the ones that we love have been put on hold, changed or transformed in ways we never thought possible. Our kids, who used to spend 8 hours a day in school away from any family connection are suddenly there with us. Our jobs that used to pull us away for so many hours per day were put on hold, or transformed also.

We were given the opportunity to take stock of what we built and decide if this is really what we wanted. We are only now starting to find a new normal from COVID.

And it’s tough.

Our school districts are struggling to make the decisions needed for their staff and our kids.

Youth sports are facing the same struggles. Do we play, knowing the risks so our kids can have that experience and joy and growth that only comes from team sports?

Or do we wait so we don’t risk losing one of our precious little ones?

What psychological effects might this have?

Workplaces face similar scenarios…

Is it business as usual? Wait and risk financial disaster? A hybrid.

Nobody knows...this is uncharted water and there is just no clear answer. Leaders will be ridiculed by some no matter the decisions they make, not matter how much thought and care is put into the their decisions

And the churches...how are we to respond in all of this? Where does our faith guide us? How do we strive to be the light, guided by our faith in times like these?

We continue by continuing to keep our faith in our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We continue by having the spirit of Job, that if we look from where our help comes from, that this too shall pass.

And as it passes we are more blessed at the end, than we were at the beginning.

Not because of us, but because we chose to put our faith in Jesus.

He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek him. Always remembering that he is, and forever will be that great physician, that light in dark places. The hope for the hopeless, and that joy for those that are joyless.

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